Thursday, January 24, 2008

Help packing

So I've started packing.... but none of it is feeling real yet. Greg (from CWO) e-mailed me today in response to my question about stuff people can donate. He didn't give me anything really concrete though. So I'm making my own list...gloves are the first thing on the list, a variety of dressing supplies as a close second. OTC pain meds, antidiarrhea meds, rehydration powders lower down. I wish I had a better idea of everything I might need....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Prayer Requests

Christian World Outreach:

For their influence around the world

For daily decisions, travels and trip preparations.

For Greg and Dean Yoder and the rest of the staff

Prayer Requests

For the team:
To the best of my knowledge there is no physician going with us. I pray that God can use a group of 4 nurses to do what we are best at.....
For team unity- that we will be able to work together effectively. That our unity will be a demonstration of the unity within the body of Christ.
For our example as we preach the gospel without words.
For opportunities.... wide ranging opportunities.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Prayer Requests

For the Country and the People:
Burkina is a impoverished, land locked nation in the Sahel. Roughly 50% of the country is muslim and another 35% are Animist.

Literacy rates are less than 13% and HIV prevelance rates are nearly 7%.

First post

So I leave in 23 days... some moments that seems like ages, other moments I'm sure I won't get it all done before I go. Sometimes I'm convinced this will be like all of the other trips that I've gone on, other times I'm sure that God is planning to do something that will flip my life over.

I started this blog thinking there may be a slim chance that I could keep everyone at home updated with it....however Burkina is something like the 3rd least developed country in the northern hemisphere and has one of the lowest GDP per capita income in the world. Suffice it to say I may not have consistent internet access.

For now it will be a place to... well, we'll see what it becomes.