Sunday, August 30, 2009

Second Annual Semi Silent Retreat

Second Annual Semi Silent Retreat

It is good to just shut up sometimes.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Facts vs the truth

So here is what I'm pondering tonight....

Far too often we assume that the facts of our situation are the truth.

Just think about it a second.

We assume that the facts of our situation are the truth.

Maybe the facts of your situation are that you are in financial trouble with few options. But is that the truth? No, the truth is that God promises to provide for our needs.
Maybe the facts are that no one understands and you feel so alone. But is that the truth? No, the truth is that Jesus walked this earth and He does understand and He does not leave us alone.
Maybe the facts are God is distant from you and you can't see Him. What is the Truth? He wants to know us intimately! He says He is standing at the door knocking!

THE FACTS DON'T HAVE TO BE THE TRUTH! The TRUTH is God's. The facts are never greater than God, God is the Truth. God is Truth.

The facts are I'm a screw up. The truth is I'm a child of God, a worthy creation, covered in grace!
The facts are we all deserve the consequences of our mistakes. The truth is God's mercy covers us!
The facts are this life seems purposeless, hopeless and mean. The truth is God gives joy, peace, hope and purpose! He is offering these gifts for the taking!

Do you believe the facts or the TRUTH? Do we live like we believe the truth?
Your facts will not set you free! The Truth sets you free!

Thats it. The rest is yours to ponder.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Just need a run...

It has been a while since I've needed this particular medium to unwind- though I feel like unwind is far to mild of a word. Ever since I've messed up this ankle I've felt so pent up... and it just keeps penting. I know, not really a word, bite me. See? There you go. Far to pent up. I need a release so badly. So here I am, just trying to unwind. Just like a good run to clear my mind and get ready to sleep. Lacing up the shoes now and headed out the door. My thoughts are so rapid, pretty much like my foot steps the first few minutes. Take off down the side of the road. Work tonight was crazy. I didn't get nearly enough done today before I went in. And all the stuff that I thought maybe I'd be able to do at work, what a joke, just too busy today. Should have known better, it's a Thursday. Wonder how that kid is doing? I really wish she would have stopped seizing. The ambulance couldn't have arrived sooner. I hate taking care of kids. But, wait isn't that what I'm signing up to do in Uganda? What have I gotten myself into?! I'm not cut out for this! O.K. Breathing is too hard, still warming up. Slow down a little, there you go, tuck into my stride. That feels better. Why do I always do that my first half mile? Deep breaths, keep slowing the breathing down. Unwinding. Tomorrow, have to pick up my computer. Longer strides, stretch it out. Still have 6 of those papers to write and submit. And those other ones to edit one more time. Got to get that computer on the internet right away to get those turned in. Finally sweating. Still holding a good stride. Also got to get that letter going for people on the support list. I really need to get that in the mail before I leave. Have to make that a priority. There is time left though, I can still get it all done. Turn left up here. Just before that street light that is always out, those kids are always just sitting there smoking and cursing. Don't need any trouble. Tomorrow I have to move all that donated stuff into storage too. Carmen is getting me so much stuff to bring. I wonder if I'm going to be able to get this stuff in country? I can't wait to give it to those who really need it though. It'll be so worth it. Starting the hill. I hate this climb. My quads, every time. Keep your head up. The top of the hill is just there. Little more... its a good burn. Should call Beckie tomorrow. Gotta get the oil changed in the car before we head to Chicago too. Wonder if one of the brothers has time. So, down the hill or straight? 25 minutes, guess thats about enough. Time to start to cool down and call it a night. Back toward the house I guess. Oh, the house. It needs so much work still. And tenants! I've got to get some people back into it. I just don't know who, just don't have enough time. But I don't have the money for it to sit empty either. Money! I've never spent so much time worrying about money before! I know God will provide. He called me to it, He will take care of it. Need only another $1,500 for training. But $40,000 after that. Not until later, there is still time. One step at a time. Back on my street. Slow to a walk. Sweaty. Good. Stretch for a minute. Feels so good. Nice to just sit here.... quiet.... both in my head and out. Much better. If only....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Be still

So... what is going on now? I've begun counting the days until Beckie and I leave for training. Less than a month now (27 days) . I'm struggling though what seems like a huge pile of books to read and papers to write. I'm trying to process what God is teaching. I'm working as many hours as I can pick up while spending extra time in devotion. It all seems just slightly overwhelming right now... The funny thing is that I think God is telling me to stop striving, be still. Psalm 46:10. Know that He is God. Know that I am loved. Not because of what I do, or what I accomplish. That I can never, never do enough or be enough to earn His love. And, most of the time, I'm not trying to earn it. I just whan to say thank you, that I appreciate His grace. But, even then I can't do enough. So, stop striving. Be still. *sigh* I'm working on it....


Sorry- I wish this came through more clearly but it is an invitation. Feel free to join us for a Ugandan dinner and a movie. Friday Aug 21st, food 6 ish and movie 7 ish. Remembrance church, around the back, bring a lawn chair or a blanket and be ready for a cross cultural experience!