Thursday, February 20, 2014

Too much...

So I'm at that point where I just have too much to write about to even know where to start. So I kept putting it off. But today I'm laid up so I told myself to just take the best pictures of the last 10 on my camera, give them captions and put them up. The first picture is from almost 3 weeks ago so I'm doing almost as badly at taking pictures as I am at blogging right now. But I'm not going to beat myself up because that does no good and a small post with a few pictures is better than nothing right?

So here it is:
I've been packing in order to move and it seemed like anytime I left a partially packed box this little cat would unpack the top half and make himself a nest. Not very helpful at all.

Speaking of nests, now that I'm into my new house my little hens have no idea where to put their eggs as I haven't made a chicken coop yet. Everyday is a bit like Easter as I wander around collecting their eggs.
 I have been trying to spend a few hours a week with Janet, one of the girls I've known since moving here. A few weeks back I asked her read a verse in church. She burst into tears and said she couldn't. She is in P5 (roughly 4th grade) and so I offered to help her, thinking a few weeks of reading together would be all she really needed for confidence. Well, I gave her a spelling test to determine what her level was. The column on the left is her attempt. The right is me telling her how to spell the word. I wish I was joking. We are now working on A is for apple and B is for bird. She only knows about half of the letter sounds. We have a lot of work to do.
It has been a little hot and dry here in Soroti so I've attempted to make jerky. I cut some thin strips of beef, marinated them then locked them in my truck in the sun for 4 hours. My over thermometer reads between 190 and 200 inside the vehicle which is actually too hot per the recipe I'm trying to follow. But the directions don't say anything about using your truck and I don't have a fancy dehydrator besides it is working.  Now, I have a few kilos of teriyaki jerky packed away for my next trip to Karamoja. 
Speaking of Karamoja, this is me attempting to smear cow dung to make a surface for drying and threshing sorghum. It is a skill every woman in Karamoja must have. As usual the ladies found the foreigners entertaining and let us try for a while but then told is the work was finished and did the rest themselves. Evidently I need to practice more. 

An lastly my two little ducklings, Abatat and Darkwing. They were a gift from one of the village health workers in Nakayot. You can never have too many pets future dinners, can you?