Sunday, September 16, 2012

Quick update

Update time....
  • My parents arrive in 18 days! I can't wait!
  • I am quite frustrated that between Soroti and Kangole right now there are missing sections of road and in some places the road is there it is just under 6 feet of water. So I'm sitting tight here for now. But it is frustrating. I've heard that many children are dying of malaria right now out in Nakayote and I just can't get there. But we packed several boxes of meds and 100 pounds of mosquito nets and left them in Lorangachora. The VHTs were contacted and they will come and pick them up and carry them- by foot, the 20 km over the mountains to the village.  

  • I'm learning lots of midwifery out in Obulle these days and am really enjoying it! I can now practically do fundal height measurements with my eyes closed and my hands tied behind my back. 
  • I've been teaching the HIV/Aids course this past week- a group of pastors and church leaders. It always a bit disconcerting to be taking to a room full of pastors about STDs, mutual monogamy, and the like but you do what you gotta do.

I have a few prayer request:

  • Several teammates are sick and as I realize how stressed that makes me I realize that once again I'm trying to function in my own strength and knowledge.  Nothing here seems straight forward or as I know from working in the States but that is why I don't depend on myself. Why do I keep trying to work independently of God?!?
  • It is so frustrating to not be able to get into Karamoja. Please pray for open roads and also someone to teach me Nakaramojung here in Soroti because at this rate I'll be ready to retire before I can speak the language. 
  • In the next few weeks my visa will expire again and once more I'll have to go for renewal. My work permit papers need to be submitted before then but there have been several holdups. 
I am so richly blessed  so here are some praise items:
  • I was feeling sick with some unknown something for several weeks and my hbg was really low. But that seems to have resolved itself and I'm feeling so much better. 
  • We had a lovely team retreat that wasn't not at all what we planned as the roads out of Soroti were all closed and we couldn't "retreat" but it was still restful and God provided exactly what we needed. 

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jesusdied4you2 said...

I'm glad I found your blog. Also glad to hear that your hbg levels are better.

Man... those roads. What a bummer. You guys are definitely in my prayers. Right now I'm waiting for my paperwork for my account to get through the finance department. I can't wait to actively start meeting with people to partner with this ministry. Without actively seeking support yet, I already have a list of 12 people waiting to start their monthly contributions as soon as my account is ready to go.

I hope you find a way to continue your language learning. I need someone to be ahead of me in learning when I get there!