Sunday, December 15, 2013

Some pictures from Timothy Retreat

Timothy retreat is when the CLIDE staff bring all the kids that they support (most from Karamoja) away to a fun week of "camp". This time of year is the end of one school year and they will begin a new school year in Feb.  Most Timothy sponsored kids are identified as high needs kids who have the potential to do well if they are supported in school.  Last week we had around 120 kids in a church here in Soroti. Some things were very much as you'd expect.

Lots of singing and laughing.
Plenty of eating. 
Lots of games. 
Many, many games
Girls... doing whatever it is that girls do. 
But of course, this is Uganda so there were several things you wouldn't see at a camp in the States. 
Like the adults sleeping in tents, instead of the kids. 
Dinner of potatoes, eggplant and chicken piled in the sun waiting to be peeled, cut and slaughtered. 
Water filters lined up to clean gallons of drinking water. 

It was a wonderful week and I think fun was had by all.

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