Thursday, October 9, 2014

Patience and Patients

So remember when I said I was going to post more? Yeah, neither do I. Between having a teenager living in the house and more sick people that usual I've been wanting to post but it just hasn't been happening.
Will you pray for my patience with Betty and the patients I'm trying to help?
This is Elisabeth. She is so full of joy and a pleasure to be around. But she has stage 4 breast cancer that I'm pretty sure has spread to her lungs. She also has high blood pressure and is in her 80's. Please pray for her. 
This is Salapina. She is another wonderful old lady but she has bad congestive health failure which is almost impossible to treat here. 
This old gentlemen has two broken hips. He has terrible pain all the time and has to be carried on that mat all the time. 
This little girl has a lot of abd pain which I think has to do with her umbilical hernia but they won't do surgery here. We are trying to wait it out and see if she can grow out of it. 
 This is  my last prayer request for the day:
Betty and Vicky have their final primary school leaving exam this month and it is a very important for them in order to get into secondary school. However, I may kill Betty before she makes it to that point. Please pray for right decisions for her and patience for me.
Betty on the right , Vicky on the left. 

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