Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Since the start of the new year I've been able to spend nearly 60% of my time in Karamoja. It has been good for building relationships but it means 30 nights sleeping on the ground, roughly 20 basin baths by the light of the moon (not every day up there gets a shower if I'm running low on water) and about 1,000 km in the truck. Currently I'm staying in Daniel and Rachel's house in Lormoruchbae. I'm pretty disorganized but when staying in a mud hut it seems like one can have lower standards. 

I'm so excited that the season is changing. You can feel it in the air. It is still 100 degrees but there is just a bit  more humidity. People are spending all day getting their fields ready. The rain is coming!! One evening we had a tiny sprinkle that didn't even really make the ground damp but the plants responded.
Sadly, this also means I won't get to spend nearly as much time there because as the roads get impassable I'll spend more time in Soroti.
This was an interesting wound because I'm pretty sure he had maggots in the side of his foot. I only took his picture after I was done cleaning and dressing the wound though so you don't have to see how bad it was. You can kind of tell from the expression on his face though what he thought of the whole thing. (BTW kids here are very tough!) 

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