Sunday, April 19, 2015

Getting water,emergencyand a large spider

Really the only thing that these things have in common is that they happened while I was in Karamoja and I have pictures of it so this is really just a post with some of the week's pictures.
There is a new bore hole about 10km from the village in a neighboring village so I offered to carry water for the ladies who helped me all day. Borehole water is so much cleaner and safer than the spring water that they drink now. I can fit 22 cans in my truck (the two on top are empty), and at roughly 20 kg per can this is 440kg or 980 pounds. Add in me and the girls who help me pump the water is is any wonder I need new shocks? 

I had another late night emergency run. Pouring rain, muddy, very dark and I was very afraid the patient was going to die before we reached the hospital but he was much better yesterday!!  
His wife is holding the IV, his son is trying to keep his airway clear. At this point we were waiting for the stretcher to carry him into the clinic. 

And last but not least, there is a spider that is living on my toilet paper.... up to this point I have tried to let this type of spider live because they eat so many insects and it doesn't spin a web. However, this one may have to go if it doesn't relocate shortly.

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