Tuesday, May 26, 2015


How is it we are nearly finished with rainy season and I haven't complained about the mud yet?! I guess I'm getting used to it.
Can't believe I got stuck in this tiny mud patch between Nakayot and Lormoruchbae but my tires are pretty worn so they tend to slip down into the ruts and just spin.  And the ground on either side of the road is just too soft as evidenced by the last time I tried to pass through here.  

But this kid helped me toss some sorghum stalks under the tires and that little bit of traction is all it took to get out. I love it when there is no pushing required.
Got out and waded through this one to look for something for the tires to grip.  My translator was being his normal helpful self by playing with my camera while waiting for me. 

If this is all I'm stuck this season I'm quite happy with it. 

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Larry McAuley said...

How good to SEE you Jenny -- after many years! And you are back and working with the "other" folks! God bless you as you remain faithful to Him and His calling and gifting in your life! Larry and Linda -- from your Alale days!