Saturday, December 26, 2015

Flying tomorrow...

Well, the bags are all packed and weighted and repacked and reweighed with the slightly less necessary stuff taken out. I've added two more currencies to my wallet and replaced my driver's license with my passport. And I'm more emotional than I think I've ever been before. Have I said lately how much I hate goodbyes?  Well, I do. It is hard to think my littlest niece will be telling stories and dancing before I hug her again.
Ellie and Amelia

 I love my family and hate being so far away. There is wonderful peace though in knowing that we will all spend eternity together and from the perspective of heaven this life will seem so short.

I'll post again two continents, eight time zones and 100 degrees from now.

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ferrelli said...

Be blessed and safe--my prayer for you.