Thursday, April 14, 2016

Oh man, I hate it when I’m so far behind. Where to even begin blogging again?!  Here is a quick update. My work permit is still “in process”. This is both good and bad. I’m fully expired and my passport is in immigration. Both things that set my teeth on edge. But good in that “in process” is hopeful that I’ll get the necessary permission eventually.  One interesting thing that came of needing to renew my permit was that I’m no longer a partner to CLIDE. They were not able to give me the paperwork that I needed. This caused a bit of turmoil in my life but the local church that I’m a member of quickly stepped in the gap and I’m now (almost) officially under their NGO registration.  I didn’t see this change coming at all as I assumed I would be able to stay with CLIDE but God must have a different plan. This has changed my weekly schedule quite a bit and I’m finding myself in the Obule clinic a lot more but honestly I love it.
 I’m planning on heading up to Karamoja tomorrow for the weekend. I’ll hopefully have an update about that soon.

Thanks for following along with me and I’ll try harder to keep you all updated!

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