Saturday, November 5, 2016

Too much

This week.... seriously, I don't have words. I've had more patients inpatient all at once than I've ever had before. Teammate, Steve Tiesenga needed to be Med Evac'ed to Kenya for critical respiratory issues post malaria. 

I did manage to get the mother who was c-sectioned Monday discharged. Also, the mother who had a fetal demise at 8 months had a huge blood loss after a 12+ hour induction so her discharge was seriously delayed but she is also finally home. Baby Anna (the baby born with profound hydrocephalus) I took to a neuro ICU in Mbale yesterday. She was hypoxic, hypoglycemic and hypothermic by the time we finally got her admitted so I'm glad someone who has more resources than I do is taking care of her now. Joyce will be readmitted tomorrow for surgery Monday.

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