Sunday, April 9, 2017

Earth has no sorrow that heaven can't heal

It's Sunday afternoon, trying to get ready for the coming week.... Truthfully, this past week wrung it out of me. Two miscarriages at the clinic due to malaria. Told two different ladies that they had cancer. Frustrated with the poor quality care at the hospital. Lots of home visits for the sick and in the village the hunger and food shortage is astounding. People are literally starving. Especially affected are the elderly and chronically ill. We visited an elderly couple who together might have tipped the scale at 100 pounds. We brought them rice and chicken broth and they literally licked the bowls. The rains should be started by now so there should at least be a few fresh things to eat and hope for the coming months but it is still stunningly hot and dry.

So, now just sitting quietly, asking for fresh joy for the week. I profess to having a hope that unbelievers don't have. So no matter how depressing, discouraging, frustrating or pointless the day feels I have something to share.

Found encouragement in this one tonight. Listen

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ferrelli said...

Thinking and praying daily for you and the people you are with. The music by Crowder gives me pause especially after reading your post. Thank you for touching me with your thoughts and words.