Sunday, October 21, 2012

Its hard to come back from vacation!

I’m down to the last few days with my parents here already. Their time flew by as I knew it would. I’ve already gotten really used to not being alone most evenings, and always having others around to experience the adventures of life with. Even not preparing meals only for myself has been a nice treat. All these little things have been wonderful. It makes me sad to think of them leaving already. But I don’t want to think about saying goodbye already. I’ve loved their time here (and not just because they brought cheese and chocolate, that I have nice new shelves put in practically all the rooms of my house and my car and bike have had good tune-ups!) I feel like I’ve been on vacation for the past few weeks and I’ve needed to think about my schedule after they leave. I have several days of teachings lined up, have promised people in Kangole I’m coming back soon and have neglected a few other responsibilities that I need to catch up with. And of course pictures to put up and a few more blog posts to work on….
Honestly, it is hard to think about. It makes me lonely even as I sit here writing even though they are in the same room. So enough thinking. I have a few more days to enjoy.

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