Sunday, October 28, 2012

What time of the year is it anyway?

I have affectionately nicknamed them Stuffing and Deep-fried. 
I still can't really get used to the lack of changing seasons here. I was just on facebook, seeing friends in hats, gloves, fall leaves, pumpkins and wondering to myself what month it is. I'm sitting here at 9:30 at night sweating on my keyboard while trying to remember what running in fall leaves feel like. I guess I should be thinking of Thanksgiving as the center pieces are currently wandering around the yard and waking me up pretty consistently at 6:15am. But it just isn't the same as walking into Meijer and seeing cranberry sauce on sale. But speaking of consumerism at least I'm also not being barraged by Christmas commercials already.

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Kathleen said...

I love your nicknames Jennifer! They are also a good reminder to me today to remember to laugh :) Stressed a bit lately...I'm sure you have plenty of stress as well. Prayers!