Saturday, July 6, 2013


 Many of you know I love to cook. A few months back a friend blessed me with a classy cookbook.  It is unlike any I've had before. It isn't like my Mennonite book (I strongly recommend, More-With-Less) which is very practical here in Uganda. Nor is it like my very old fashioned Betty Crocker, printed in 1982 that also works well in this place where a "stick" of butter isn't happening. This new cookbook uses words like milanese, crème fraiche, and mandolin. It is far from economical or practical. But I love it. The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook is also now at the center of my newest challenge.  The friend who gave me the cookbook is in Karamoja nearly as often as I am lately and together we are going to attempt to do these delicious and elegant recipes over a fire in one of the remotest places on the planet. We'll be taking pictures and writing about it. And while I'm sure nothing we make will look remotely like the picture on the front of her book (or the ones on her blog) it should be comical if nothing else.
So, I'm setting off with my beautiful cookbook with nice glossy pictures all covered over in brown paper to protect it up in Karamoja. We'll see how this little adventure goes!
 This is a pictures of my cooking space. (I refuse to call it a kitchen because it also contains two nesting chickens, 50 liters of diesel,  and more creepy, crawly things than your wood shed)

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