Friday, July 5, 2013

Earthquakes, termites and Karamoja

Termites ate holes through the kitchen shelves.
A few nights back at 10:22pm there was a rather large earthquake in Congo which translated to a rather small earthquake here in Uganda. At that time of night I'm usually asleep and even if I am awake I may not normally have felt it (many here didn't) but I was in bed and my sleeping situation is a bit precarious at the moment. While I was back in the states termites took over the house. I anticipated this as I've had termite problems since the moment I moved in and I packed clothes, books and papers all away in plastic.  But the termites still did a number on furniture and the legs of the bed were victimized. (They also consumed a kitchen towel, the bar of soap in the shower and part of a shoe.) On top of the instability of the termite damage the bed is also raised so that I can store supplies under it. I'm not sure why I'm writing all of this except to say that the earthquake felt really intense until I got down off the bed and then it seemed much more subtle and less dangerous.  I guess this is all just a little glimpse of life here.
Bed about 4 feet off the ground. Pay no mind to all the pillows on my bed. It also doubles as a couch.

On a completely different note I'm finally headed back up to Karamoja!! Monday I'll pack the truck and head up to check the condition of my other house. I'll be up about a week to catch up with people, resume language lessons and start to determine the next step in ministry.  Will you pray with me?

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