Saturday, January 3, 2015

Celebrating the new year in Karamoja

I was up in Lormoruchbae to celebrate the new year and these pictures are not going to do the celebration justice. There was dancing and singing and dramas and more dancing. 
Starting the night there were two groups that had a dance contest. Both groups did seven songs then we all decided on the winner. This group of girls won.
 The young men were serious about putting on dramas.  I suspect there was very little rehearsal but there was lots of laughing and it seemed like if you spoke the language they were very entertaining.
Lots of dancing and singing by "audience" members between presentations. 
Some audience members, myself included, chose to just sit and watch. 

Another drama about an old man searching for his wife. (I think.) 

There were even some musical instruments. (PVC pipes and referee whistles)

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