Monday, August 24, 2015


A quick shout out to all of my various translators today. Because without them I'm only talking to myself.
On the right, Mary. She lives in Lormoruchbae and often goes with me to Nakayot.
Kodet. Not actually a translator. He is CLIDE staff but he gets stuck translating for me more than anyone else. 
Judith (and son Ezra) who is also CLIDE staff. She has some medical training so is extremely helpful. 
Betty. She is a former Timothy Student so likes attending CLIDE programs. 
There are several others, Sokoku, Petua, Lomakol, Mary and David. Sadly, I just discovered I don't really have pictures of them. Please pray for them as they have to put up with me and my strange ways of doing things so often.

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