Friday, June 10, 2016

How to build a house in 10 easy steps....

Here is a funny post from my brother. He lives in a different part of Uganda so their houses look a bit different (square rather than round and tin roofs instead of grass but mostly the same idea.)
Check it out. It is funner than my rather boring, depressing stuff lately. 

And another great post by another missionary writer. Mostly I want to share it to keep myself honest. I don't want to ever use facebook or my blog to misrepresent myself. I want to always post truth, and God's truth, not my perception of truth. I don't want to mislead, even by omission. (Which isn't actually a lie, right?  It just isn't telling all of the truth? Wrong.)  Even if you are not a missionary I want to challenge you to also read this post and see what you think. And also, I'm giving you permission to call me out on something, anything, you read here or on other social media that doesn't seem honest. Please help hold me to integrity.
Facebook lies and other truth

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