Sunday, June 26, 2016

Update #3

Have we really only been in Kenya 36 hours?!  First, lots things to praise God about. The nursing staff here is great. (It is a pediatric hospital so they only do kids but having come from places that were terrible with Izaac is very refreshing).  Even the support staff is very helpful with things like helping me get to a hotel and get transport. Izaac is doing SO much better. A few times we have had sats in the high 80's but overall he sits about 90% on room air. Which means he got to have the mask off for a while yesterday which he was really happy about. There was even a time when we were going for a walk in the hall and he couldn't contain himself he just had to run. He is quickly regaining his normal, talkative, precocious self. The obvious highlight of his day yesterday was that we found a vending machine and he was allowed to pick something and put the money in and push all buttons himself. After getting his bag of pretzels we just HAD to get something else so he could do it again. Then he had to talk to Ellie (his little sister) to tell her all about it. He has already talked about doing it again today.
Very happy about bacon for breakfast!
Today's plan is to meet with the pulmonologist and see if he has any further ideas for us. So for now we are still waiting and wondering what to do next. But that is much easier when he is better and we have had a few nights of better sleep.


JoAnn Loveland said...

Jenny I am sure you already know this but you are a rock!!! Praise the Lord for healing but also Praise the Lord that you were there for your brother and his family!!! I know God led all of you to make the right decisions for Izaac!! Just think how blessed Izaac & his family were during this crisis to have there own personal traveling nurse!!! I know this was very difficult & emotionally draining so now that it seems the crisis is past take a few days of vacation in Kenya & enjoy the sights!!! We were praying awfully hard in this little town in Michigan (you know me, I had pretty much the whole town praying!!!)Love you & put your feet up & relax awhile.

Aunt JoAnn

ferrelli said...

Praising God for healing, comfort, peace and grace. God is good all the time--even when we are walking in what looks like the deepest valley. I'm so glad you were able to be there for everyone in all of this! Blessings, Sue