Saturday, September 24, 2016

Benjamin and Christina are back!

Benjamin and Christina are back in Uganda which means my niece and nephew are too!! They wrote a great blog post about why they left Uganda quickly the second week of July. Their blog is here. 
I picked them up from the airport and helped them get back to Jinja on their first day in country.  Honestly, it was a bit of a rough day as Uganda did not ease them back in gently. Within 30 minutes of our arrival at the guest house from the airport (well after 11pm) the power went out so on top of their jet lag they had to figure out how to bathe and settle their exhausted kids in a very dark, unfamiliar room. Then, after less than 5 hours of sleep we packed up, attempted (unsuccessfully) to get breakfast from the guesthouse (No coffee?!?) and try to get through Kampala before the morning traffic jam (also unsuccessfully). For points of reference here are two intersections we spent significant time waiting in. (not my pictures) 
In the roundabout in the second picture I was hit by a blue car (lots of blue paint still on my truck)  who was trying to squeeze into a third lane. Earlier in the morning I'd been hit hard while turning by someone who was passing on the inside at 120km per hour. He knew he was at fault so didn't really stop. Parts from my truck were picked up out of the road and we continued on. 

 Anyway, after hours of driving we finally got back to Jinja, unpacked all their stuff and got them settled back in. I hung out in the tree house with Izaac while everyone else took a nap. 

Now, I'm back in Soroti, already planning my next trip up to Jinja!

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