Sunday, September 25, 2016

Foot update

Way the heck back in May I stress fractured my foot. Either caused or exacerbated by plantar fasciitis. It has been persistently bothering me since then.  I cut way back on running but I didn't actually change my activity level other than that. All floors here are cement and between the clinic, walking a lot and just life here it just was not getting better. Until a few weeks ago. I have finally turned the corner on the pain.  (Possibly because I spent practically a solid eight days doing NOTHING because of malaria). I've been to a doctor in Kampala twice who has been very helpful but this last follow up appointment, which I had lots of hope for because I feel so much better, was discouraging. The doctor says she didn't see enough healing on the x-ray to make her happy. She said absolutely no running and I have to continue to be off it as much as possible. I've worked with a physiotherapist who was very helpful and also painfully blunt ("Lose 10 kg and most of your foot problems will go away".) They talked together briefly after this last appointment and even tossed around the idea of surgery. I'm nowhere near ready to discuss that yet and want to just ask for more prayer. I thank God that it feels so much better and I trust that He  will heal it the rest of the way.
I've seen through this that I really miss running. It keeps my head screwed on straight. It keeps me from getting depressed and helps me stay much more content with life and even keel with the people I interact with. (And there is lots of science and testimony out there that I'm not the only one. I recommend it for anyone.)  I'm really ready to be running again!

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