Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Last post about baby Anna

I have some terrible news. Most of you regular readers remember baby Anna born in November?  She was still waiting for her permanent VP shunt surgery and her cleft lip surgery. She fell sick two weeks back and after fighting an unknown illness passed away 4 days ago.   We admitted her to Bethesda on Friday the 17th due to extreme dehydration and high fevers. After spending all weekend there with no improvement (and practically no medical care! but that is a rant for another post...) I got very assertive on Monday morning before clinic.  The nurses did step it up a bit and by midday they had attempted several IV lines and the lab was working on some stuff but really we weren't any further than on Friday evening so I packed up mom and baby and got them to the neuro hospital in Mbale where she was directly admitted to the ICU. I never heard if they got a dx but heard from her  mother that she perked back up quickly and was moved back to the general ward after one day. She was starting to act like her normal self and they were getting ready for discharge. Then suddenly we got a call early morning of the 24th that she had been put on a vent. An hour later we got a second call that she had died. 
Mom and I scrapped all our plans and headed to Mbale. This is a village family with no means to transport a body home so we went to go be with Judith and also help in this way. 
About midday when we pulled into the rural home where the baby would be buried the family was already starting to gather to mourn with her. 
Thank you to all who prayed for her. Please keep praying for this mother who has just lost her only child.

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