Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Following up

Lots of follow ups today.....
On the 8th I was in the midst of a complicated labor when a lady with a snake bite came into the clinic. She had been picking up firewood and a cobra got her on the hand. I went to see how she was doing today and here is what I found. I know it looks a bit gruesome but I'm actually ecstatic how great it looks.  I was pretty sure there was a good chance she was going to lose the finger at least and for a while I was worried about her life. But this is just routine dressings for a long time and eventually she will be back to normal! 

Then little Mary who had tetanus back in December. She is now a healthy kid. She is still the only tetanus case I have had survive. She WOULD NOT smile for me, which is really sad because she smiled all the time in the hospital (once her muscles relaxed enough that it was physically possible) but I suspect she has a really hard life. She is HIV positive and lives with her elderly grandmother who needs her to work too much to send her to school.

Lastly I stopped by the home of Esther and her baby who is two weeks old today. They are all doing fine and the grandmother reminded me that I was the one that first diagnosed her HIV. I did not remember that but I guess it was significant enough that I blogged about it. TBT...2012 and the next day.

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