Thursday, May 4, 2017

Mango season and medical pictures

There are thousands of pounds of mangoes just dropping off the tree and rotting right now, so this week Christina and I showed several people how to preserve them. We peeled, cut and dried several full basins of mangoes.

Also, completely unrelated, but because I'm pulling pictures off of my camera.....
I'm getting much faster at suturing. Now you no longer need to chose between quick or neat. Possibly you can have both if, like this young man, your bull's horn catches the inside of your arm. 

Also, I've put on my first hip spica cast. This is mid way through the process and after my patient received a dose of morphine.  

Also, I have a little guy with clubfoot who is almost finished with his casts.

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ferrelli said...

Awesome report! I love mango and I'm a bit envious. (: