Monday, June 19, 2017


I sent an update/newsletter out early May but I'm realizing how few people got it. For those of you who didn't, sorry and here is the bulk of it.....

It is always an adventure here in Soroti. My watchman just came to the door to tell me he saw a cobra in the garden and he suggests I keep the kitchen door closed. So besides snake hunting, I’m keeping very busy with regular clinic work three days a week, lots of home visits and occasional teaching in a variety of venues.

Because my work permit is now being issued through the church in Obule I’m in the village almost every day of the week and the needs are overwhelming. It seems like there is almost always a woman laboring in the clinic or someone who needs to get to the hospital or malnourished kids who need follow-up. I love working with my tiny village church that really has the heart of God and serves sacrificially. The daily grind, however, has really worn me down. The needs are endless. I’ll be honest, I’m struggling right now. So I’m taking some time off. I’ll be back in MI for six weeks to rest, pray, spend time with family, take a break from this place and get my head on straight. June 21st to Aug 7th. It is a short time and isn’t a furlough so I won’t be doing the regular home assignment activities.

Prayer Requests:

  • Wisdom and discernment. I’m inquiring of God if He has ministry changes in store for me. Please pray with me that He would show me His will and I would have the strength to be obedient to it whether it is to change or keep doing what I’m doing. 
  • I’ll be attending a spiritual retreat for cross- cultural medical providers and also meeting with a counselor to deal with some burnout when I’m in MI. 
  • Rest in God’s presence and trust in His goodness.  Peace, contentment and joy in Him alone.

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