Saturday, June 16, 2012

In which I try to catch you up on the past two weeks.

Back in Soroti and discovered that I haven't blogged for several weeks! Where did the time go?! I've been in Karamoja again, had planned to spend the week and come back Sunday after worship but discovered Friday afternoon that I was missing the bottom half of a rear shock and possibly had a broken spring. Decided that I shouldn't drive all that far so needed to find parts and a mechanic, not an easy feat and one that proved challenging.... But I'm getting ahead of myself. A week after I expected I'm back and let me start at the beginning. This trip deserves a play by play.
6/6 Headed up to Kangole. Discovered that sections of the road were a bit nasty. Passed several stuck vehicles but managed. Then found a long section of lots of water.  These pictures are not a river, they are the road.
The white mercedes in the middle is stuck, forcing the rest of us to the sides. The water is  over the tires of that pickup that is trying to pass. 
Notice in several of these pictures you can see the culverts piled on the sides of the road waiting to be installed. 
This is the mess that awaits us if we leave the center of the road because someone is blocking the way. 
In two of the areas buses, lorries, cattle trucks, anyone carrying passengers really, force their clients off and make them walk the worst of it to lighten their loads to try to not get stuck. It doesn't always work...
Even had to wait a few minutes to let this poor guy on his bike get unstuck before I passed through. The large pieces of white are chunks of marble that the trucks have had to dump to give themselves more traction and/or to lighten their loads.   
But I finally reached Kangole and had an hour or so before dark to unpack, clean up and settle in.


Caroline said...

Praise God for His never-ending care!!

ferrelli said...

I received your very nice thank you note this week. It is great to know my meager support has made a difference. i hope my prayers have, too! Sue Ferrell