Friday, June 1, 2012

Two prayer requests

One evening in Kangole as I was walking back home I found this little guy with a  cool "manyata" built. Here there is a big fence that surrounds family homes with the cows and small family gardens inside. This boy had a good representation built with rocks for cows, sticks for people and his little garden drawn inside the fences. 

I feel bad that my last posts have been pretty much just pictures and that today isn’t going to be too much better. I’ve been in Kangole all week and am pretty tired today. I fell back asleep after my morning run and now I’m having trouble getting motivated for the rest of the day. Maybe it will be a “Sabath” and I’ll spend all day in my running clothes (no skirt?!) We’ll see.
A few prayer requests:
I’ll be working one day a week for a while in a village clinic here in Teso. It will be a great learning experience and I’m looking forward to helping the community but am afraid I’ll have trouble, well, conforming. For example: yesterday there were 11 people in the ward receiving treatment. This means IV drip quinine for malaria. It is malaria season so many of those could have been possible cases. But not all. So on top of the fact that there are much better drugs than quinine available for malaria some of them shouldn’t be receiving it at all, because they aren’t malaria positive.  But both the nurses and the patients (no doctor) believe IV treatment is best. So… once I’m in the position to prescribe there what am I going to do? Will you pray for needed wisdom and tact?  I start this coming Monday.
An answer to prayer is that God provided an excellent language helper in Kangole. I’m looking forward to spending more time with her as she is a sweet older lady.  However, learning Nakaramojung feels a bit like wading in wet cement with swim fins on. As God has not yet blessed me with the gift of tongues I need to buckle down and get studying.  I hope to head back up to Kangole early next week.

Women walk everywhere here. Babies tied on, blanket over the shoulder anything on their heads. Just a reminder how nice we have it. 

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Caroline Klein said...

Hi! Love reading your updates! I'm praying with/for you!! Keep shining! Caroline