Saturday, June 30, 2012

Visiting Ngora High School

Picnic lunch with lots of food. 
I took Betty to go visit Abella at her boarding school on visitation day today. Abella’s older sisters also wanted to go and cooked a big meal for her. While at school the students get posho (corn meal) and beans twice a day 6 days a week and a small piece of meat on Saturday. That is it. No snacks, nothing else. So visitation day is a chance to fatten your child back up and give them a day with their families. I’m glad that Abella’s sisters took the responsibility of cooking, I just had to drive.

Betty and Abella wanted to send Beckie (who is back in the States right now) an e-mail.  It took them quite a bit to compose it but it was good to see them working together. It was a nice relaxing day for me and I know they also both enjoyed it. Only 6 more weeks and Abella will be back in Soroti with us.  

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