Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Due date", are you kidding me?!

Another few days of teaching this week. The topic was supposed to be family planning but within the first hour it was obvious that that ship had sailed. All the ladies in the class were already pregnant. So I abbreviated my normal lessons and asked them if they wanted to talk about antenatal care (prenatal for the non British speakers) for the last two days.  They all agreed. The next day I tried to bring in some pictures to supplement our discussions.  This might have been a bad idea on my part.  They kept wanting to talk about how I had taken these pictures. It was made increasingly complicated when I showed pictures that were magnified.
This 8 week old baby is actually the size of a bean. The women couldn't really get the idea of the photo enlarging it. 
But they seemed to enjoy it. We talked a lot about nutrition and caring for themselves.  And they were astonished a few things, like that pregnancies are always 34 to 40 weeks long. Two women got up to testify that they had been pregnant for more than a year. They also all thought I was ridiculous for trying to figure out their due dates. Babies come when ever they want.  But overall I think it was helpful and I'm thinking I'll be formalizing my "curriculum" and teaching it again in the future. 

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