Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I'm just hanging out in Soroti these days waiting for rainy season to let up. Here are a few pictures showing the Soroti-Moroto or Mbale-Nakapiripirit Highways. 

 There are a few places where it isn't the mud that has closed the roads. Like here:
This is entertaining to read if you know the area: 
Be informed that the road conditions in Karamoja region continue to deteriorate.
Today at around 1200 UNDSS Karamoja team together with WFP conducted another road assessment to determine the extent of road damage caused by the heavy downpours.
  • Moroto-Nakapiripirit road remains closed, drivers are advised to use the alternative route of Kangole-Lotome and Lorengdwat.
  • Nakapiripirit-Namalu-Mbale road is inaccessible. All vehicles to use Mbale-Soroti-Lotome-Lorengdwat to Nakapiripirit.
  • Soroti-Moroto road is accessible although with bad spots with trucks getting stuck around Olilim, Iriiri, Alekileke, and Nakicumet. Drivers to be extra caution while on this road.  (This is my route. I only have to worry about getting stuck in 4 places.)
  • Moroto-Lopei-Kotido road is completely inaccessible, the rains have destroyed culverts along that route.
  • The Lopei bridge remains flooded and a threat to both pedestrians and motorists.
  • Lopei T/C to Matany hospital is also inaccessible.
  • Lion Bridge and Akodokodwe Bridge in Nyakwae -Abim road are also inaccessible due to flooding. Vehicles are stuck in that area.
  • Amuria road to Abim is muddy and slippery and the road is very bad.
  • Lopei-Matany road completely cutoff. Lopei bridge completed submerged by water
  • Culverts heavily damaged on Moroto- Kotido road.  Heavy trucks cannot access this route

All drivers intending to travel to and from Karamoja region should avoid these routes.(There are no routes are left!) Ensure that vehicles have good working radios both VHF and HF, and have all recovery tools. Regular contact with radio room for updates.
Stay safe.
Road update as of 8th Sept 2014

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