Saturday, March 14, 2015

Back from vacation

* I wrote this nearly a week ago and got most of the way done but ran out of battery on the computer before finishing. I'm finally getting around to getting it posted. 

I got back to Soroti this afternoon and have sat down at my computer to blog about my trip. Lets just say it isn’t going well. First interruption, someone is pounding at my gate. They need school supplies or they are going to be kicked out of school. “Well, it is Saturday afternoon so you’re safe for a bit and I’ve been home one hour could you give be a bit before you start begging for stuff?!”  Sat down again. There is such a thick layer of dust on the table (and every surface of the house) that the mouse won’t even work. Have I been gone longer than I thought?! I stop to scrape some dust off stuff. Thick, black, nasty dust.  Before I finish that, there is another person at my gate. “Can you give us some money for clothes for the baby?” "What?!"
Trying to get back to blogging so sitting back down. No power and the computer hasn’t charged for a few days because we were in airports and stuff so I’m feeling pressured to get this done without wasting more battery/time. But another pounding on my gate. I consider ignoring it but I know that if it is someone who doesn’t have my phone number to just call me, then they will stay there an pound for an hour (I wish I was exaggerating but this has happened before. The neighbors tell them I’m home so they just keep pounding knowing that I eventually I can't take it any more and will come to the gate.) A kid requesting some medicine for a cut on their toe.  Before I can even answer that one I get “Can we fill our jerry cans from your water tank?” I feel like people have not missed me. They just missed the free stuff they get from me. Back at my computer. My neighbor is burning his trash and the smoke coming in through the window is so thick and foul I can’t even think. Which I guess explains why the "dust" on every surface of my house is so nasty. 

I though I was ready to be back but now I’m not so sure…

Anyway, about Greece:
The highlight of the trip? Mediterranean Sea

My second favorite day was Meteora. Most of the day we were thousands of feet in the air but the fog was so thick and insulating it didn't feel like it at all.

 I love my pictures of this day but if you want to know what the place actually looks like clink HERE.

Another major highlight was possibly eating more food than any three people should consume....

Oh, and all of the traditional Greek places too.

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