Friday, March 20, 2015

Variety of patients

What a day.... visited lots of patients at home today and had more of a variety than I've had in a long time.
Several followups. First a girl who has partial thickness burns from the top of her head, down her neck, and down one arm with full thickness burns on the upper half of her back. It is a miserable dressing change and a bit infected. Then a 4 year old who weighs only 7kg (normal is 16 to 17 kg). She is very malnourished and was quite neglected. Now, she has some pretty significant re-feeding syndrome problems and has started running a fever off and on. From there, over to check on a lady who is pregnant with twins. She has nine children already and is very big but is only in her 20th week. As it is daily 100 degrees I can't imagine how she is managing. From there over to check on a gentleman who has two broken hips. He is 72 years old and lives pretty deep in the village. I can't even say he is bed-bound because he doesn't have a bed. A quick, easy patient who was due for her depo injection.  A foreign body removal- bug from an ear. It was my favorite of the day because the relief of having that out was more relief than I gave any of my other patients. Lastly I checked up on a guy who has been diagnosed with Connective Tissue Disorder. Those six patients seem like more than enough for one day's work here.

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