Sunday, September 6, 2015

baby boy

Update: So everyone made it through the night. Winny and her baby are doing fine. She is up and moving around. Baby is suckling and things look good. Sarah is still having a hard time shaking off anesthesia and is hypotensive this this morning. But wants to eat and is headed the right direction. Baby boy however is still struggling.  Now made worse by the fact that the hospital doesn't have power which means his incubator isn't keeping him warm and the oxygen condenser isn't giving him any O2.  (I was told someone went to get fuel for the generator so hopefully that will be remedied soon.) I seem to be the only one concerned that he is extremely tachy and hasn't yet urinated. I had to wake up the nurse when I arrived to point out to her that every alarm in his room was going off and I never did find the doctor. I know I just have to put this little guy in God's hands but I am trying not to get frustrated.  I want to be able to say at least we did all we could. Please keep praying.
I know this picture is pretty much useless but I was working by lantern light and I didn't want to open his incubator and let any of the remaining heat out. So all you get is his hat and one little arm. I will try again later.

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