Saturday, September 5, 2015

Prayers please!

This is going to just be a quick post because I want to grab a few hours of sleep before heading back to the hospital but I want to ask you to be praying for some of my patients.
Ajiko Sarah (the physically handicapped pregnant girl) went into labor today. This is six weeks early and four weeks before we planned to c-section.  But now she has a baby boy. He weighs 1180 grams (2.6 pounds).  He needed some serious resuscitation in OR and still isn't doing great. At least they are in a hospital that has an incubator, oxygen and a doctor that will at least try. Sarah is having a rough time too. She lost a lot of blood and is not going to get any (that story is for a post when I have more time).  She also had general anesthesia because there was no way to give a spinal with all of her handicaps and she didn't tolerate that very well.  So at the moment I would say she is stable but far from out of the woods.
In a weird twist of fate one of my other high risk pregnancies decided to pick today to go into labor also. So we did the two sections back to back. Winny (I delivered her first baby- story here) wanted to be a v-bac but that clearly was not going to happen. She was having significant late decels. So while trying to prep Sarah for OR I was trying to do frequent FHTs on Winny. (They don't have any continuous monitoring. They just have this fetoscope. They were extremely impressed when I pulled out my doppler and recommended we use that.)
Anyway. Winny and second baby boy are stable. Her baby is full term and normal sized so I'm not too worried about them. It just made the evening quite a bit more complicated. Pictures, update and the details of the story tomorrow.  

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