Thursday, January 7, 2016

A new challange

Oh Betty...... Betty finally found me. I'd been looking for her since I got back to Soroti without success. Every time I went to her house or went to find here where she supposedly was I got a different story. "She is with friends." "She went into town." "She just left." Etc...
Today she arrived at the house with a few others. This is actually a red flag because I know if she has brought people with her it means she thinks I'll go easy on her. Turns out she failed S1. Not just tested poorly, but straight up did not pass in December. I was headed out the door when she arrived so we only talked briefly and we had her spectators so I said she needed to come back tomorrow and we will discuss more in depth. Her parting comment was that now I'll have to put her in a different school. Whoa! I know she hates the school I picked for her because it is an all girls school, run by catholic nuns, in a tiny town, far from Soroti, that has practically nothing else in it beside her school. It is for these very reasons that I picked it. She needs that structure and no boys (mostly the no boys) in order to focus.  It is also in Karamoja where I spend quite a bit of time so it is easy to check up on her. But she doesn't like Karamoja.  I've known for the past two terms that she has wanted to change and go to Mbale (just a far away but a big city with lots of "diversions".) I've said that as long as I'm paying for school, I get to choose.
As I was pulling out of the driveway I said that I'm not changing schools, she will just repeat S1.  She said she wasn't going back to that school.

So that is where we are at. She is 16 + years old. I'm not going to force her to go to school. She has a choice. But as she did so poorly I'm wondering if I shouldn't pay for another year. To what ends?  And what do I do with her attitude?  I'm open to suggestions. Also, asking for you to pray for us before I see her again tomorrow and we "discuss more in depth."  You might want to pray for her salvation because she might be meeting Jesus tomorrow.....

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