Tuesday, January 12, 2016

On going....

Well, this is day 100 of not having a working stove, fridge or truck. Not really, but it feels like it. (I've barely been back in Soroti two weeks so it can only be 14 days tops.)  The truck is STILL in the mechanic and STILL leaking fuel. I was planning on heading to Karamoja tomorrow so that is out. I would really like to get that fixed without a trip to Kampala though it isn't looking hopeful. I caved and bought a new fridge and stove. I just can't keep trying to get them running again. I have to embrace the fact that no one in this town can or will come do it.
On the up side though of all of these challenges I've lost 5 pounds so maybe not eating and riding my bike everywhere is a strategy I should keep up. The fridge and stove I bought were supposed to arrive in Soroti today but no dice. So I own new appliance  but they aren't doing me much good yet.  Maybe tomorrow.
And my bike. I mentioned I'm riding everywhere because of the lack of truck which I actually enjoy. Or would be enjoying if the watchman didn't use it the whole time I was gone and break both the rear and front derailleurs because he's never used a bike with gears before. In "fixing" it he somehow took apart the drive train and forced the chain to stay on only one gear. Which completely deletes the purpose of a bike that can shift. I took it past the bike shop today and they say for 1 million they can fix it. No thanks. I'll keep riding as a fixed gear.
So I'm having trouble doing much ministry because I can't get out to the villages and I'm not wasting time with my favorite hobby of cooking. What am I doing with my time?
Well, I did pack hundreds of birth kits with the help of Joyce, Janet, Betty and Vicky. The TBS will be pleased to be restocked when I can finally make it back up to Karamoja.

 I also played "Slides and Ladders" with a bunch of kids after church on Sunday. They had never played anything like it before and really enjoyed it. 

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