Friday, January 8, 2016

Well, my to-do list isn't getting any shorter. Started off taking my truck to the mechanic this morning. This has been quite a complicated process. The first mechanic, John, who got my truck running from Soroti, isn't my usual guy but he is trustworthy and a good driver. When he got the truck to Kampala he told me of the repairs he had already done and added that I have a hydraulic (transmission) fluid leak and a power steering fluid leak and I needed new gaskets. But he had topped off the fluids, it was alright to drive it as it was, he could order the parts to Soroti and do the work from there. Fine. So we headed back to Soroti. His parting words were he would order the parts and call me when they came in- two days tops. Well, two days passed. I started calling him. His phone was off. Every time I called.  I'm trying to get ready to head to Karamoja so yesterday I decided to go back to my regular guy- Emburuk. I explained what John had said, that he had possibly ordered the parts and would he do the work?  Fine. But after looking over the engine, even putting it over the pit, he said he didn't see any leaks. I pointed out the general place the first mechanic had showed me.  Emburuk just grunted, went over and turned the truck and it became very obvious that I have a diesel leak. Not transmission or steering. A fuel injector.
Well, that can't be fixed in Soroti. I have to take the truck back to Kampala. Sounds like Karamoja is out as I don't really want to wander around the countryside leaking anything.
While still processing that and waiting for the guys to clear out the three other vehicles that parked me in, I walked over to the fridge repair guys's shop to see if he was around. I've called him three days in a row and three days he told me he would meet me at my house "later" but he had not once shown up. Well, he was there. I rather flippantly asked if he was ever going to come. His answer? "Someday." I told him I would be happier if he had just told me on the phone he wasn't able to come. He apologized and told me he would call me when he "became free." (meaning available). I also walked over to the "junk yard" asking if they had old hot water heaters. It is a bad sign that I needed to describe to several men what exactly a hot water heater was. I'm hoping to take the insulation off of an old one to use on my over. Same heat rating and flame retardant. Anyway, might be a useless thought but the guys told me they would look and call me if they found something.
So, there it is. I had the truck, the fridges and the oven on my to-do list today. I just added showering and a nap to the list to make sure I at least have two things to cross off at the end of the day.

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