Saturday, July 2, 2016

More about this past week

I know you have all seen lots of pictures of Izaac lately. But we are just so happy he is well. Here are some few glimpses of our last week.  This is while we were still in Kampala. Nurses, how do you like these oxygen tanks?  And that monitor? Just thinking about this hospital stresses me out again. They didn't know normal ranges for pediatric vitals. Until we got the monitor, they they didn't even check vitals very often.  We spent hours (days?!) stressing about how to get him out of the country.

 This is Izaac's favorite memory. I think he had never been introduced to vending machines before. He loved putting money in, pushing the buttons and getting out something new. I'm glad that it is so easy to keep a 6 year old happy. (look at how much better his color is in this picture!)

 He also was very happy when his sister arrived. Aren't they cute? 

After Benj and Ellie arrived in Kenya my accommodations took a huge step up.  I don't really want to talk much about the two places I stayed near to the hospital but they can be well summed up with words like terrible and frightening.  This was the Amani Guest House, very nice and family friendly. Ellie made friends within two minutes. 

Then there was my trip back to Soroti.... it was supposed to be a twelve hour bus ride from capital to capital. (Nairobi to Kampala) But the bus got in an accident and it became a 15 hour ride only as far as the border. At 10:45 at night I baled to look for a place to sleep to attempt the border crossing after a few hours of sleep rather than after 15 hours on a bus. You know the place you are staying is classy when they offer free condoms with your registration. (If you look closely at the picture you can see the boxes of condoms over the receptionist's right shoulder.)

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