Saturday, July 2, 2016

Why is everything so hard here?!

After attempting for two long days to get back to Soroti, even that was very complicated and I actually shed real tears in the process, I'm back home and trying to get caught back up. And it all seems overwhelming.
- I had some repair work done on my truck before all the craziness with my nephew started. I discovered after racing to Kampala that the "repair" actually made the problem worse. Some missionary friends took the truck when we flew to Kampala and limped it back to Soroti for me but now I need to deal with it. The missionary who confirmed that I needed the repair in the first place told me yesterday "tell him he made it worse. Now all the seals on that side and also the gasket need replacing." So I'm in the midst of deal with that.
- I used up every cent of cash that I had in the craziness of last week so I really need to get some and here the only way to do that is from the ATM. However, the ATM is out of money and won't be filled again until Monday after 9am.  So no groceries (or anything else) for me until that happens.
- I still don't have my work permit.... but by the God's ability I was able to get my passport back from immigration to use it this week (as it has a three month special pass in it which was supposed to get me through until I have the new permit) but that pass expires today. Which means, because they still have not issued me a work permit I have to pay to get a new pass and keep waiting for immigration to do their thing. But the issue is I have my passport with me in Soroti but it needs to be in I packed up the most important document I own and put it in the hands of Uganda's incredibly reliable public transit system. I really hope I'm not writing about my missing passport in a few days......

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