Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A few days away

 Last week I had a wonderful (brief!) get-away to celebrate a good friend's 40th's birthday. We had some time to kick back and relax and eat some good food and laugh and enjoy a beautiful place.
 Oh, yeah. And we saw hundred's of amazing animals. I could post too many pictures and I know they just aren't as cool as the real thing. Up close and personal.

When we get to tell the stories of this trip in the coming years we will talk of being charged by a bull elephant, almost hitting a hipo, tracking down an invisible leopard and then finding a whole family of lions. 
I was reminded how necessary the support and encouragement of friends is. Here on the mission field they are family and co-workers and companions and confidants all rolled into one. Ladies, is it too early to start planning our next trip?!

I need to give credit to Rachel Graham for these awesome animal pictures!

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