Thursday, December 22, 2016

Miracle Mary

Our amazing little miracle, Mary, is going home today! Even the doctor admitted to me the other day he never expected her to survive. I'm sure it was the prayer from all over the globe! She is doing really well but is actually not quite ready to go. However, we've pushed up the date of her discharge because of terrible news. Her father committed suicide yesterday and the burial is today. Mary really wanted to go and be there so, hence the early discharge. I never met her father and really know nothing of him except that he was also HIV positive. I don't think anyone had any idea he was so depressed.
Mary was brought to me in Obule but she is actually from Serere, which is something like another 20km further away. I couldn't take them out to there so they had to pack up several weeks worth of stuff and a physically handicapped child and get on public transport. Life is just tough here. Please keep praying for this family!!
Smiling is still tough as all the muscles of her jaw are still very tight but she wanted me to tell you that she is very happy even if she doesn't look like it. 

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