Friday, December 2, 2016

Updates on all these kids

I want to update you on all these kids I've been asking you to pray for lately. First Mary, the little girl with tetanus. She is stable but was very agitated and painful most of today. We've been attempting to feed her but her NG tube is small and giving us serious challenges. However, she is breathing well and hanging in there. Of the two little babies from the previous post, one is more stable now but the other the family had to be told there was nothing more we could do and they should take their baby home (pictured here). That is always a terrible conversation to have. The family decided to take the baby to Soroti Main and I understand their desire to try everything possible but Bethesda's NICU is head and shoulders above anything the government hospital could offer.
Abraham is also still at Soroti Main, waiting to receive his second unit of blood. He was supposed to be there a few hours yesterday, get his two units and come back. Here it is 24 hours later and he is still waiting....  They are still talking seriously of splenectomy for him.  This will possibly be the upside to everything taking so blasted long here. He may avoid surgery because he'll be out of crisis before they get around to it. Lastly Joyce. I'm really tired of "sterile" dressings on her.  A curious pig messed up my field today. How many nurses do you know who complain about that?  Her cast has started to migrate down her leg because she has lost muscle mass which wouldn't be a big deal except that now the top window of the hole that we cut in the plaster rests on the pins. Both pins still move all the time so she has open wounds around them. And in the past few days the pins have really shifted. She is having far too much pain so tomorrow I'll be trying to get some more x-rays and see if we can figure out what is going on.  Thanks for praying and keep it up. Please pray for this nurse too as I'm quite tired this evening....

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