Friday, December 23, 2016

Prayers please!

I'm headed into the clinic in just a few minutes. I don't usually go in on friday but I've gotten a call that a young woman is in labor and as the midwife is on her own maternity leave I'm the available staff member. But also the district has given us hundreds of Hep B immunizations to dispense. A radio announcement has been made that we will be giving them free of charge TODAY. We are expecting between 600 and 800 people to arrive. And each one of them will need to be screened first before we can immunize. That is a blood draw and test per person. Back on Wednesday I visited another location that was doing it to learn how the process should work. It looked like this

Hundreds of people waiting in lines..... It will be at least 100 degrees today, and our clinic is smaller than this one. Oh yeah, and don't forget that I have a women in labor in the midst of this chaos....How soon until my Christmas vacation starts?!

Update- Survived the day. It was touch and go at times but we all pulled through. I think we even may have had a little fun. Lots of community members pitched in to get more than 600 people registered, tested and injected. We also had a little baby boy born in the midst of the confusion though somehow I didn't manage to get pictures.

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