Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bike ride

The Ride for Refuge 2011 Soroti Edition was a tremendous success!
The whole crew that rode at our half way point. 
The Team Beyond team!
Bikes are a commodity so many shared one. 

Necessary repairs at the roundabout in Kamuda.
Resting in the shade after the ride. 
The day was really fun and made more impactful by riding half of it with these youth who are really  considered vulnerable. These are the ones that we are riding for!  Tim, Steve, Beckie, Jim and I started early from Soroti and rode about 16 kilometers into Kamuda where we were joined by the rest of our team and 20+  youth from the area who are impacted IT's ministry. Then we did another 16 kilometers with them to the lake and back.  Then the last 16 kilometers home. It was hot in the sun the last two legs of the trip and my two legs are about shot tonight but it was great. Thanks to all of you who participated in Grand Rapids or another of the 30 locations!!! Your ride was worth it!

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