Thursday, October 13, 2011

My last few posts have been pretty crumby and on top of that, as long as things go well, this may be my last post for a bit. I’m feeling overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that I want to do in the next few days. On top of that we are a big team again. I love it but that means we have things like team meetings that take a bit more time. And I want to spend time with these guys before I don’t see them again for another 3 months. So Friday and Saturday will be all the things that fall highest on my priority list, packing the car and getting ready to be gone for three months. Then Sunday I’ll drive to Jinga to pick up Beckie and then continue the rest of the way to Entebee. Then Monday morning I’ll board a plane! I have 14 hours layover in London then a few more hours in Chicago but eventually I’ll reach Grand Rapids. Honestly, I’m spending a really short time there before turning around and attending a medical training in NC. But I’ll be staying in Grand Rapids for most of November and December. I’m really looking forward to catching up with family and friends! See you guys soon!

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