Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quite a bit to do...

I think it has finally hit me that I only have about 4 days left in Soroti before I head back to the states for the next few months. I have so much left to do.  Besides the two half packed containers of stuff that people have given me to bring and a carry on that I've throw some things at as I remember odds and ends I want to bring back to MI, I have a mountain of stuff in my room that needs to be put back in its place. I should finish August and Septembers ministry expense reports and I have several people I want to visit, most of them kids that I want to check on one last time and a that meeting with Dr. Moses of CLIDE. There are a few presentations I need to work on, travel reservations to make, Christmas presents to wrap for Betty and Abella, last minute shopping to do…it all seems strange. I’ll be getting on a plane in just a few days. 

(Side note: Beckie and I had no problems getting our visas yesterday and we also got to spend an hour at the pool in Mbale. Thank you Lord!!

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