Monday, October 3, 2011


faintly remember in nursing school talking about measles for a few minutes during infectious diseases in pediatrics and again when we studied the immunization schedule.  That is about the extent of my education in this "eradicated disease". (In the states, even though some families decide not to vaccinate based on misguided trends, through community or herd immunity kids are well protected and we practically never see a case.) Here however, it is a different story. Immunization is done poorly and inconsistently consequently it is seen fairly often. So I’ve been trying to educate myself and be more prepared for the next fine, flat, red, full body rash I encounter.   Here, it is possible that up to 15% of cases die and even more result in complications like pneumonia, blindness and impaired mental development. This year our neighbors in the DRC (Congo) had a large scale epidemic and many died. 

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