Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let's see.. time to blog again but what about? I call this blog my mental wandering and this post may cover a mile or so.
I'm really content right now. Staying in Kaiser's house is nice. (They may have to evict me when they get back.) Nice big kitchen, quiet neighborhood. I've discovered they often don't have water at their kitchen sink (because it isn't connected to their storage tank but instead directly to the city water and clearly the water is only on a few hours a day) but I don't like doing dishes anyway so that is no big deal. Power is still off about every other day so several nights a week I lay sweltering under my mosquito net trying to decide if I'd rather die of heat stroke or run the risk of dying of malaria if I take the net down. At least the nights the power is on a fan makes a huge difference and I don't have to worry about either.

I'm officially training for the Uganda Triathalon. Once again trying to plan out a training program while wondering what the heck I'm thinking. But as much as I complain I like the challenge. I'll still have to try to do it with practically no swim workouts but I've got plenty of space to run and lots of opportunity to ride.

I've got all of “our” kids ready to go back to school next week. They have their books and pencils, uniforms are being sewn, and registration fees are paid. I went to Betty's home to visit her elderly grandmother (and primary caregiver) and twice she talked about how it was time for her to die. I can't help but wonder where that will leave Betty, Manuel and Joyce.

I hung out at Amecet for a few hours. They have a little guy 1.4 kg at 3 weeks old (3 pounds) and a two day old who is still too weak to suck so they are still feeding him via tube but everyone is healthy. Amazing!

And God is talking to me about TRUTH. John 8:32. As I walk past the Mu5lim mosque or talk with Betty about fearing death I think of it. Really while interacting with so many different people. Several times a day I find myself praying against the lies that Satan uses to bind people in that keep them trapped in fear or sin or depression when what God wants is to set them free with peace and joy and contentment.

And I guess that is enough wandering for today.

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